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Beading and Wire Weaves, etc:

This page shows some of my work where I use resin, semiprecious stone beads and wire to create unique pieces of jewelry.

Resin Work:

Epoxy resin is used to encase treasures to wear. 

Besides Dandelion Seeds suspended in flight ( shown in upper row, picture on the left) - it is possible to use Breastmilk or Ashes of a loved one to be encased in a Cabochon form. Ask me about your custom design needs.

Moss Series



Left: Sapphire beads, Moonstone and oxidized sterling silver beads intertwine and mingle with Yogi inspired charms.

Right: Garnet, Amethyst and silver beads hug a heat shaped charm.

Spring Hues:

Peridot Briolettes

Green Tourmaline Beads

Moonstone Beads

14k gold-filled Beads


Left: Moonstone intermingles with 14k gold-filled beads

Right: Rutilated Quartz is joined by oxidized silver beads - inspired by the Witcher

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Also find me on Etsy:  GHeilekStudio 

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