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About Gabrielle: 

I started silversmithing in early 2017 under the guidance of Tuscanny born, classically trained Davide Bigazzi. I like combining sterling silver with stones and 14k gold accents, creating jewelry pieces that speak to contrast – dark/light, straight/curved, man-made/organic and metallic/colored. I work by hand directly with my materials, striving for a high level of artisanship and durability for any new piece while maintaining the ease to wear every day. 

I choose design and processes that may not conform to traditional standards, but express new creative possibilities – reflecting images I may have come across on a walk in nature or a gaze at the ocean. This results in a new one-of-a kind experience for the maker and the wearer of the finished product. I enjoy working with stones that have character where the "imperfections" may enhance the final piece.

First, I hand fabricate everything from silver or gold sheet/wire for the jewelry forms such as the frames and bezels. Then I add stones and accents to create a composed, pleasing finished design. I may be accentuating these pieces by applying a sulfur patina to create a satin gray oxidized finish.

I enjoy the days in my studio as a chance to express my individual creativity, using the canvas of the body and clothes as a backdrop. It is thrilling to wear a jewelry art piece that inspires inspection, questions and awe. I am honored when my jewelry becomes a part of this personal expression. Custom orders or creative input in the design of your personal piece is always very welcome.

The pictures show the journey to one of my  recent pieces. The final ring went to a happy customer in August 2022.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


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Also find me on Etsy:  GHeilekStudio 

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